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Reiki Practitioner Training

Wild Spirit Yoga + Online

I have been doing Reiki since 2003 and leading practitioner trainings since 2009. I absolutely love reiki! Not just for the delicious energy reiki part, but learning this tool helped me to navigate my own intuitive resources. It was a way to direct and be intentional with how energy moved through me. When I first learned Reiki, I struggled with anxiety. What I came to understand was that I was empathic. I was often picking up on others energy around me. Reiki helped me distinguish what was mine, and what was coming from other people, and then how to create energetic boundaries. But one of the biggest gifts of learning how to give reiki, was helping others awaken to their own subtle energy. To assist others to feel and see how powerful they really are to heal. And to make them feel safe to experience it. Over the years as I have given reiki to many people, I have developed an ability to read and relay some of the energetic patterns that I feel. I can often relay this information patterns to the client and to help them clear or embrace the path towards healing.

Reiki is the tool, my hope is to support you to find your own individual way to experience and be the conduit for God consciousness energy to move through you as a tool for yourself and to be able to offer to others.

This spring join me for

  • Reiki 1 Introductory Training April 25
  • Reiki 2 Practitioner Training May 2, 2021
  • Reiki Master Training May 23, 2021