I am a soul on this earth searching for the words that describe what the hell I’m looking at thru my own two eyes. I have kids, a husband that I like to drive crazy with my overthinking, a business where I practice doing what I want and a dog that simultaneously drives me crazy and I love…like most things in my life. I suffer from a disorder called, chronic discontent. But with constant treatment and creativity I am winning the battle.

My journey as an artist like most artists has been a reflection of my experience of this world I exist in.  I have worked as a yoga teacher and energy healer for over 20 years. I have had conversations with people about trauma, healing, energy and how the mind and body are reflections of all these aspects of themselves.  And I feel like my art reflects that.  Whether I am inspired to spend time in a portrait or a mandala, work in acrylic or work in collage, I am drawn to look for the underlying layer. What each line in a face communicates, the road map for each symbol in a mandala that takes your into the experience of what is real and not just a hope for perfection.  Every piece I make is an exploration of parts of myself, and the more I do that work the more I realize how universal it is. It’s like the more specific and vulnerable, the more connection we feel. When I create I like to practice opening up to what wants to come thru the portal of the canvas.  From that space, inspiration and communication with the energy of this wild world comes through.