Step 1: Acknowledge the Crazy

The only thing that truly changes in life is your perception. My greatest, life changing growth is not when I changed my external circumstances but when I changed the way I perceived them.  I realized (yet again), that what I think of others and the big dramas that take over my life,  in the midst of the cyclone of thoughts and played out scenarios, is when its best I take a second look at myself and my part in the whole picture.  Every episode of dramatic thought in regards to someone else, is a direct invitation to the party of deeper work on my own behalf.

It is never about them and how they aren’t measuring up. Those are judgments.  The questions I am starting to ask myself…What wound in me would have me see it this way? What story or pattern is coming up that has come up in my past?  How am I attempting to write this off and check out as fast as possible? How do I avoid, deflect and give up going deeper to save my precious point of view?

When I can see my relationships from god’s point of view, I can see things in a way that shifts me.  I am not in control of others behavior or any external circumstances.  I choose to continue to grow and uncover those places inside of me that want to hide out.  I remember that emotions are a way for my soul to get my attention. If I follow into places of joy I can learn what I love. If I follow into places of anxiety, anger, fear, I can learn how to uncover what I love and how I might grow towards love.




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